Noticed When Put On…


Welcome to our blog. We have updated our website and we are happy to share our new designs and new concept with you. Via the blog, now we also have the chance to share more and get to know each other better. We will share the latest news about AysheDia and also the latest jewelery news, trends from our country and the world.

Lets see what we have this season in AysheDia…

Our concept is based on three women…Suzy,Judy and Bella…They are all energitic, sportive, productive  and positive women..but they have different tastes in jewellery. We ask you to share the one you feel closer to so that we will also get to know you better.

Most of our products are handmade, that is why they are limited edition. Hope you enjoy..Don’t forget, ‘AysheDia is always noticed when put on.’

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